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Today we read the story “The Dot”, in which a young girl learns about her creative spirit and the importance of simply making a mark. The children eagerly sat around Miss Manuela as she read the story to the children, listening intently to the message within the story. To follow on from this, the children engaged in their own creative dot making experience. Using lots of coloured dots of different sizes, the children designed their own pictures. Some of the creations included:
Emerson – A rainbow
Ryan – Traffic lights
Millicent – Rainbow
Ella – Cubby house
Hendrix – Crocodile
Luna – The water with a mermaid sitting on a rock
Harper – Mermaid sitting on the rocks and swimming
Ivy – The rainbow fish
Riley – Rainbows
The children practiced their letter recognition and construction as they explored with the magnetic number boards. They practiced their letter formation and pencil grips as they held the magnetic pens correctly in their hands, before tracing along on the boards, following the arrows and symbols to complete them.
To further extend on their counting and number recognition, the children participated in a pop and hop counting game with Miss Shannan. The aim of the game was to race their character around the board, by the counts of the popping and hopping dice. The children took turns to pop the dice, counting the dots on the dice, and then hopping their character around the board. This activity introduced the children to number arrays and recognising the different ways that numbers can be written or displayed.
Out in the yard the children enjoyed exploring the new timber boat. The created their own imaginative game of “Shark hunt” in which some of the children played the sharks hunting in the water, while others were the people safe on the boat. They laughed and squealed as they raced to complete challenges before the shark could catch them.
The children spent quite some time together on the swings today. Half of the group decided to swing together on the big swing trying to be so high they could reach the leaves in the tree, while the others raced over to the single swings under the treehouse. They all swung their legs as hard as they could, trying to be the highest swing.

So sorry but the photos are not uploading again.

Thank you for a wonderful day,

Miss Shannan😊