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This morning in the yard, Bonnie practiced her balancing on the seesaw. She called out to Miss Shannan saying she was surfing on her board in the ocean.

Ryan and Tate were enjoying some time together on the seesaw. Sitting on either end, they used their legs to push themselves up and down, all the while passing the animals back and forth ‘rahhhhhh, I’m the lion’. Ryan then decided to take the animals on a forest adventure and found a wriggly worm.

Harper and Millicent enjoyed some quiet reading outside. They very intently listened along to the story, asking lots of questions at the end.

Today we were very lucky to have the Larkkin Puppets come to give us a show. The children laughed and laughed along to the show as the characters danced and sang and told lots of stories. When the show had finished and we came back to the room, the children shared their favourite parts from the show.

Bonnie and Hendrix: ‘When the chicken came out’

Ivy: ‘When he looked like Elmo’

Harper: ‘The dancing one’

Tate: ‘When they were all singing’

Miss Shannan then asked the children if they would like to make their own puppets, to which they all excitedly agreed. This will be planned for next week.

Christopher and his Goo-jit-su’s went on many adventures today; through the ‘forest’ (the gardens) into the restraint (mud kitchen) and through the castles (doll house).

Outside the children requested painting, which turned into some squishy, smoochy finger painting. Hendrix said he was going to make his own planet ‘by scrunching up his painting into a ball, just like the ones in our room’. Miss Shannan suggested waiting for the painting to dry and then scrunching it up so it would hold its place. He agreed this was a great idea and quickly set to work.

Riley and Owen worked together to complete the puzzles during rest time. They first worked on the ice-cream truck puzzle, before moving over to the under the sea and snow themed puzzles.

Thank you for a lovely week. I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!

Miss Shannan😊