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Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had as wonderful of a day as the Kindergarten Two friends!

This morning the children engaged in sensory play. Miss Tiffany had set up the water troughs with water, sand, shaving cream and various objects. The children tested the theory of floating. Selecting various objects from around the yard, they came back to test what would float and what sunk to the bottom of the troughs. Upon the completion of this activity, Ryan used the shaving cream to give himself a beard, “Look at me Miss Shannan. I’m shaving my beard”.
Tate and Miss Shannan spent some time together reading a monster trucks book. They chatted about the different parts of the monster truck and looked at different monster trucks through history. Tate pointed out the trucks that looked like ones he had at home and named the trucks that he knew “That looks like Grave Digger”.

Back inside the classroom Miss Lara read the children a story regarding gratitude, which lead to a conversation around what the children were thankful for. After this the children transitioned to morning tea, in which they enjoyed a delicious slice and fresh fruit.
The children were very eager to continue their cubby house constructions today. They are becoming quite the structural whizzes. Cubby houses are rising quickly and aren’t falling down as easily. Cooperation and sharing abilities are also being strengthened as the children are working together and helping each other to construct a house and offering extra beds to those who didn’t have any.
Tate and Miss Shannan worked together to complete the name spelling activity together. Tate worked to source the letters, identifying them before finding a peer who had that letter in their name. Hendrix soon came over to help, working with Tate to align the letters in the correct order.
Owen and Christopher were busy with the connector blocks. Owen build a bow and arrow and Christopher constructed a horse. They then took their creations on a quest around the room, working together as they scouted for danger.
Ivy and Harper decided they wished to bring in the larger connector blocks from outside. That sat together at the table, working both individually and collaboratively to construct their various creations.
Owen, Hendrix and Ryan made an Anaconda out of the connecting blocks today. It stretched across the entire room. They asked Miss Shannan to lay down next to it to see who was longer. It ended up being the length of six Kindy friends.
The sea animal bingo activity is much loved at the moment. The children sat down together in small groups working through the animal cards. They squealed in excitement each time the cards matched their sheet, shouting “Bingo!” when they filled their sheets.
We were excited to have Miss Jen for Funky Feet back today. Miss Shannan got up with Miss Jen to teach the dances to the children. The children stretched and wriggled their bodies around following the moves and to the music. At one part of the dance the children worked together with a pair to complete a clapping and arm swinging sequence with their partner. Bonnie and Millicent absolutely adored this session, their faces were gleaming as they danced around the room.
The children had lots of questions about sea animals today. So many so that Miss Shannan couldn’t answer them all. Miss Shannan did a little research and found out that our digital friend Blippi could fill in the gaps. The children watched an informative video with Miss Shannan. They worked to identify animals sounds and learnt about the habitats of different sea animals.

Don’t forget next Monday is Pyjama day! We are raising funds and awareness for children in foster care.

Baugull wanyi (thank you), Nya-nyah-bu (see you again)

Miss Shannan😊