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Though we had an inside day today, we enjoyed celebrating St Patricks Day with lots of themed activities. We began our day with some magic sand, which was the favourite of Tate and Macy, who both built lots of castles and small mountains. We also made some green playdough, which was loved by Luna and Ryan who added lots of different St Patricks Themed elements into their dough, and Ella who moulded her own versions of her family members. Zachary enjoyed the cutting activity. On the table were lots of different green paint cards from which he could select and then practice his fine motor skills as he cut them into lots of little pieces.

On the mat, Ivy brought out the magnetic blocks. When asked what she was making, she replied she was making a holiday castle, with lots of towers and windows to look out of. Emerson took out the big turtle puzzle, asking Miss Shannan to come over and join him. Once they were coming to the last pieces, Emerson happily exclaimed ‘Look we’ve done it!

Over with the lightbox, Millie explored colours. She moved the different coloured counters around on the lightbox, building them on top of each other to create new colours. She put the red on top of the blue to make purple and the blue and yellow together to make green. She then moved them around creating different shapes by putting lots of little counters together.

We explored many insects today. As a group we all sat down on the mat around the box of insects. The children took turns selecting one out of the box, inspecting it and pointing out their features. Miss Shannan would read the names written on the insects and the children would excitedly repeat them names back. They thought the unicorn beetle was very cool as he did have a horn like a unicorn. They also liked the dung beetle, especially so after Miss Shannan explained dung was the name for animal poo, this was found to be quite hilarious.

Miss Shannan brought out our new marble run to play with today. In small groups, the children all took turns to test it out; working together to strategically build towers and ramps for the marbles to race down. This activity required lots of trial and error as the children tested out the different pieces in order to send their marble the way that they wished it to go.

The doll’s house was also a favourite today, with the children setting up a small town on the mat, gathering the doll’s house, home corner food and even building houses using the blocks.

We were able to go outside for a quick run around just before we had our lunch. Hendrix raced around the yard on the bike, pedalling as fast and hard as he could. Miss Denise played lots of games outside with the children; there were races and a game of steal from the nest, where the children had to race from one hula hoop to the next to collect the blocks and return them to their hoop.

I hope you all have a lovely evening, see you again soon.

Miss Shannan😊