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Following on with our discussion from yesterday, Hendrix and Ivy were busy on a yarning stick hunt. They searched high and low for the perfect sticks to turn into yarning sticks.

This morning Taran was teaching her friends Ivy, Bonnie and Ella how she spins the hula hoop around her waist. The girls looked on with amazement and excitedly hopped up for a turn when she presented them with her hula hoop.

Today we extended on our yarning circle discussion, using the sticks Hendrix and Ivy collected this morning, Hendrix, Ivy, Taran and Harper all excitedly made their very own yarning sticks by wrapping pieces of coloured yarn around the sticks. We discussed how Aboriginal people make talking sticks. Yarning sticks provide a space for mob to come together and be present, pass on knowledge, listen and feel safe. We discussed how after rest time, we would have our own yarning circle to discuss the day, the children were very much looking forward to this. We are going to make this a daily occurrence to come together as a group, connecting and sharing our thoughts and feelings.

Following on from this activity, we collected lots of leaves from the garden. The children then decorated these leaves with various coloured paints and patterns using cotton buds to extend upon their pincher grip and control. Ella thoroughly enjoyed this activity, layering different colours upon each other.

Owen and Riley enjoyed some time together drawing at the tables. They were writing letters to their friends, drawing lots of little pictures and love hearts all over the paper.

The children engaged in lots of roleplays; families living in cubby houses, chefs in a café, and teachers in a school. During rest time the children demonstrated their manipulation and cognitive skills as they constructed with the connecting stars.

Thank you, Miss Shannan 😊