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We enjoyed some outdoor play this morning with the children from Kindy One in the Kindergarten Two yard. The children enjoyed riding the bikes, climbing the obstacle course and drawing and colouring on the veranda tables.

At 8:30 we went around the big yard for a play with the senior kindy and pre kindy children. Hendrix enjoyed riding on the bicycles with Tanner and Owen. Ivy was cooking chicken nuggets and Macy was making cookies. Taran was digging for treasure in the sand pit. Bonnie enjoyed swinging on the swing, and Ella and Zachary swung their bodies back and forth to cross the monkey bars. Christopher took a toy lizard on an adventure around the yard and Ryan played a game of scissors, paper, rock with Miss Shannan.

As the weather was clearer this morning, we took the opportunity to spend a little extra time outside in the yard. We had a late group time and morning tea today, enjoying our time together both outside and sitting down as a group to enjoy our morning tea.

Inside the children chose to play with the cars and the marble run. Working both individually and collaboratively to build towering runs with lots of different slides for the marbles to take and race along.

Miss Shannan set up an insect rescue at the table. The children used the tweezers to grasp the insects and pull them out through the netting. The children really enjoyed this activity, practicing their fine motor skills, all the while saving the insects and then inspecting them once they were safe in the basket.

The children also made lots of creatures and shapes by cutting and rolling the playdough. The children expressed their imagination and creativity through this experience.

Mr Dan came and did Arakan with us today. The children practiced their agility and showed confidence as they completed the obstacle course that he had set up. Also showing their growing strength in their muscles as they punched the glove on Mr Dan’s hand.

During our quiet rest time, the children participated in various quiet activities; they drew at the tables with the pencils and texters, completed puzzles and then also had lots of fun stretching and bending their bodies in an interactive cosmic yoga story.

Thank you for another lovely day. I will be away tomorrow, so if you have any messages, please feel free to write them on the notice board or in the communication book located on the wall just inside the room.

See you next week, Miss Shannan😊