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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome back, it was so lovely to see all of the cheery faces this morning!

We had a very wonderful day today, here’s a small snapshot of what we got up too.

What a lovely morning out in the big yard. Riley and Ryan enjoyed some time racing around on the bikes together; Emerson and Harper took Miss Shannan on a walk around the yard, exploring what toys and activities were set out for the morning; Ivy and Millicent brought the construction pipes up on the hill and pretended they were big blow horns; Hendrix was busy on a quest with Tigger, hiding from monsters in the tunnel; Macy and Luna were busy climbing up and jumping off the obstacle course in the treehouse like little birds; Ella pointed out the birds nest up in the tree while swinging along with her peers on the swing. The children were a little extra adventurous today. Taking turns to scale the trees in the big yard (only with a teacher nearby, Miss Shannan was on close watch).

Back inside the classroom we discussed all of the exciting events for the day, including the reasoning behind our orange clothes today and the national simultaneous story that we were going to listen to later in the day, read by an Astronaut. The children were very excited about this, “Up in space?” Hendrix asked, “That’s so cool!” exclaimed Emerson.

The children built their own maze in the classroom today out of the beds. After meticulously placing the beds to create little paths and ‘rooms’, the children then crawled through, exploring their creation.

In celebration of our SES workers and tradies, we made orange playdough today and the children used rollers, paddle pop sticks and scissors to create their own masterpieces. Outside on the veranda the children participated in a marble painting experience. The children took turns to dip the marbles in paint, before placing them onto the trays and carefully manipulating the trays around to roll the marbles across the page, which looked very much like shooting stars across the galaxy. This activity was completed to align with today simultaneous book reading “Give me Space”, read by an astronaut named Shannon (the children thought it crazy that there was another Shannan!).

This afternoon the children explored their fine motor, hand and eye coordination and concentration as they practiced hitting nails with a real hammer. They took turns putting on the safety glasses before having a turn to hammer the nails down into the wood.

Thank you for a wonderful first day back,

Miss Shannan 😊