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Welcome to our day in the Kindy Two room!

On the mat this morning the children worked together to complete the alphabet and then counting puzzle. The started by working on little sections each, before joining them all up and adding in any left out pieces.
Luna and Macy spent soon time in home corner today. First beginning at the doll house, they played families with the little people. Next, they moved to the table where they played hairdressers together, pretending to curl, brush and chop each other’s hair.
Millie had lots of fun at her first soccer lesson today. Hopping like a bunny, she held the soccer ball between her legs as she made her way across the yard. She, along with Harper, Riley and Ryan excitedly showed their kindy friends the stickers that they received when returned and told their friends about the different soccer games that they played.
Ivy requested painting today. She first started off using the paintbrushes as she made design upon the paper, though she soon dipped her fingers down into the paint and smeared them over the paper. Miss Shannan showed her how she could write her name in the paint with her fingers. Ivy found this quite interesting and continued to write her name, rub it out and begin the process again.
Out in the sandpit the children were up to many wonderful things. Riley was playing chief, cooking up many tasty meals to share with his friends and Miss Shannan. Ella soon joined him, and they assisted each other to make the ‘yummiest food’. Ryan and Hendrix were experimenting with the water and dry sand to create different sand sculptures. Tate took his truck on an off-road adventure, racing around the sandpit showing off his ‘race car driving’.
Harper was busy testing her balancing and counting skills as she, hopped, jumped and stepped across the wooden posts. “Look at me Miss Shannan. I can do it all by myself!”.

Thank you,

Miss Shannan  😊