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We had a lovely day in the Kindergarten Two room!

Out in the sandpit this morning, the children were busy working together to make a giant “Elsa and Anna castle” – Harper. The children discussed with Miss Shannan the best sand for sandcastles, the wet sand, and dug down deep to find it in the sandpit. The children worked together to pat the sand down, making it nice and firm, before adding some leave and sticks on top for decoration and doors and windows to look out of.

Owen and Harper were fascinated by anacondas again today. With the assistance of Miss Shannan, they looked up the length of an anaconda and what they look like next to a person. “Miss Shannan, we are going to make them” – Owen. Owen and Harper quickly got to work with the connectors, snaking their anaconda around the room.
Hendrix and Taran also decided to make anacondas, though they made them out of paper. They made their snakes by cutting out strips of paper and using a glue stick to attach them together. Hendrix was very proud of how long his was and Taran excitedly asked for hers to be hung up, so that everyone could see her snake.
Macy and Rosie made a special home for their babies in home corner. Together they redressed and bathed their babies, fed them a cooked meal, and tucked them into bed when it was time for a rest.
Ella was busy with the train tracks today. She raced her train and car around the tracks, up and over the bridge and around the loops.
Emerson enjoyed being the first to explore the colour match puzzle. He sat down and began by looking at the example Miss Shannan had left of the table, before quickly diving into his search for the pieces he was after.
Outside the children enjoyed playing together on the swings, taking turns to push each other; racing each other around on the bikes; playing a game of ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf; and digging many holes and building many sandcastles in the sandpit.

Baugull wanyi (thank you) and Nya-nyah-bu (see you again)

Miss Shannan😊