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Out in the big yard this morning Macy and Luna were busy collecting ingredients to mix into their soups. They were using buckets, leaves, water and spoons for their cooking. When Miss Shannan asked what they were making they replied with “chocolate soup with sprinkles”.

Ryan enjoyed listening to stories with Miss Tayla. He sat together with her and his peers up on the hill, enjoying the cool breeze and warm sunshine as they went on the adventures of the story. He soon joined Ivy and Millie on an environment investigation, searching the yard for animals and plants.

Hendrix requested we make playdough today. He asked Miss Shannan if today she could measure out the ingredients and then he would mix and knead the dough together. Miss Shannan quickly obliged, measuring everything out and placing it on the tray. Hendrix then carefully carried it over to the table and set to work.

Outside, Ivy requested to play the ‘Floor is Lava’ game. Miss Shannan brought the speaker outside and Ivy gathered her peers to play as well. The children loved this game, dancing, jumping, crawling and singing along. They also practiced their counting skills as they counted along with the song, 5, 4, 3, 2,1!

Millicent enjoyed working with Miss Shannan to prepare the Anzac Day puzzles.  Miss Shannan would cut out the different puzzles and their pieces, with Millie recreating the puzzle and checking that all of the pieces were ready “I’ve finished Miss Shannan! They are all here.”.

Ella, Riley, Harper and Emerson were excited to complete a size sequencing activity with Miss Lara. The children were given the option of stars, planets of rocket ships and were tasked with lining them up in ascending and descending order by size. The children were all very persistent, shuffling the pictures around until they felt the order was correct, before proudly showing Miss Lara.

Both outside and inside today, the children were all very expressive through their creativity. There were cards and pictures made for mummies, daddies, grandmas and grandads. They also spent some time practicing their fine motor skills and scissor control as they cut various shapes out of the paper and then glued them down.

We are excited to commence the home reader program for our Kindergarten Two children. The home reader program aims to give your child the opportunity to read regularly with a supportive adult on a one-to-one basis. Children are encouraged to bring in a folder to hold their books and then see Miss Shannan and choose one book from our home reader box and check it out to take home and read with their families. Once finished, please return your reader folder to the basket in the Kindergarten Two room and Miss Shannan will work with your child to exchange the book for a new one. More information regarding this can be found in the Kindergarten Two room in the home reader box or alternatively by having a chat to Miss Shannan.

Have a lovely evening, see you all tomorrow!

Miss Shannan😊