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Welcome to another freaky, fun, fabulous Friday in the Kindergarten Two room!

What a blast we had today,

Tate and Ryan were on a construction job this morning. Digging away in the sandpit, they worked to fill up their dump truck with sand, before driving it over to build their ‘giant sandcastle’. Harper was also busy in the sandpit, cooking away with Poppy to make lots of ‘hot, delicious cupcakes’.

Millie enjoyed her time on the veranda, drawing lots of beautiful flowers on the chalkboard and working with Miss Shannan to practice writing her name.

Bonnie and Ivy had a blast taking turns to race each other around on the bikes. They swapped between being the driver and the giggling, squealing passenger on the back.

We had lots of fun at Funky Feet today with Miss Jen. The group favourite was the ‘walk like a dinosaur’ song and making a tunnel to run through. Ryan showed off his dinosaur skills, calling out to Miss Shannan to show her his moves “I’m dancing like a dinosaur!” he giggled.

Emerson kindly brought a puzzle to share and complete with his peers. He brought it out on the veranda and the children worked cooperatively to complete the ‘monnsstttteerrs!’.

Hendrix was busy moving between the mud kitchen and garden, collecting various twigs, leaves and ‘special ingredients’ to make Tigger a delicious meal. His peers soon joined him, eager to help create and dish up lots of yummy meals for their little pal Tigger.

Owen helped Miss Shannan to connect the tables together inside and create a small world environment of animal’s vs dinosaurs. He proudly called out to his friends to come over and have a look. Christopher and Riley quickly joined in, excitedly selecting themselves a few dinosaurs and animals from the set up.

We also enjoyed a fun game of ‘chicken drop’. Taking turns, the children used the small sticks to push a piece from the pile, careful not to let the chicken fall. This game took lots of concentration and persistence as the children extended their developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination to cautiously push just one piece at a time. “I’m getting really good at this game” Owen pleasantly stated.

Thank you everyone for another wonderful week. I hope everyone has a safe and cheery weekend!

Miss Shannan😊