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We had out Bug show today. The children were very excited as we made our way to the kindergarten one classroom for the show. The children sat down with their peers from kindy one, senior kindy and pre-kindy, asking lots of questions of what they could see, Tate – “What’s that bin there for Miss Shannan?”, Hendrix “How did the butterfly build his cocoon?”. Harper was confident and put her hand up to answer one of the questions in the show, ‘What does it mean to camouflage?’ Harper – “He’s playing hide and seek”. Throughout the show the children learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly; what composting is and how they can do it; about different types of insects and met some new puppet friends. After the show had finished, we went back to our classroom for a play outside while we awaited Miss Lea to bring the bugs to our room for a closer look.

Outside the children asked Miss Bec to borrow her car track. With the assistance of Miss Shannan, Hendrix joined all of the pieces together before taking turns with his friends to race their cars and trucks up and down the ramps and loops.

Owen, Tate and Ryan were the first to have a try at the bean bag toss game. Standing in the hoops, the boys tossed their bean bags over at the baskets. After some trial and error, they soon got the hang of the game, chuckling in delight as they made it in the basket. The children all took turns at this activity, showing lots of encouragement and support as they cheered each other on.

Ivy and Millicent enjoyed some time painting together at the art stand. They discussed the mixing of colours and what new colours they could make with the paints provided. “Pink and Blue made purple!”.

The children excitedly raced back inside when Miss Lea entered the room. The children sat together on the mat in a circle and Miss Lea brought each of her crawly friends for us to see and touch. The children were all extremely brave throughout this experience. Though some were a little more nervous than others, the children all remained engaged and participated. The children each got to have a turn to hold beetles, which they enjoyed learning how to control the direction in which the beetles crawled. The children even gave the stick insects a drink of water, Emerson and Riley loved this part the most. The children loved holding the snails and feeling the way the moved across their hands, leaving a trail of snail behind.  This experience was amazing! Thanks Miss Lea!

I just want to quickly mention the lost property basket has grown dramatically. If you could please take a moment to look through it sometime this week, as the centre will be donating any unnamed items left behind at the end of the week. Please, please come and take a look.

Thank you

Miss Shannan😊