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Outside in the big yard this morning, Ivy, Harper and Taran enjoyed some time together playing on the swings. They took turns to push each other as high as they could, before all hopping on together and having some relaxing time looking up at the clouds.

Bonnie had a blast up in the treehouse with Miss Kimi and her peers. They played a game of duck-duck-goose together, laughing and squealing as they chased each other around.

Mr Dan came for ARAKAN today, the children were very excited and engaged while participating in the lesson. Eager to learn and develop their skills.

Back inside the room, Owen set up various play spaces to express his dramatic play. He first began in home corner, setting up the dolls house with various characters and animals. He then moved over to the cars, creating his own police and fire station with numerous cars speeding around on missions.

Ella and Ryan expressed themselves creatively today through the Anzac Day themed art stations. There were two stations, one was a painting experience and the second was a collage activity. Earlier the children had all worked together, practicing their cutting skills and fine motor skills to cut out all of the little collage pieces from card. Ryan and Ella both had a turn at two experiences, going back again and again to create more poppies.

Emerson brought in a number sorting activity today. Outside on the veranda, Emerson, along with Hendrix, Riley, Macy, Harper and Tate worked together to sort the numbers (shown in the various forms) into their corresponding baskets. The children worked both individually and collaboratively to sort the cards into the correct buckets. Thank you for sharing you game with us Emerson!

Christopher told Miss Shannan that “It’s a bit chilly” this afternoon, snuggling up to her after rest time. Miss Shannan offered him her jumper if he would like it and he giggled as she wrapped him up. “I’m all cosy now”.

Thank you everyone for a lovely day and don’t forget the home reader box in now located within the classroom. Please feel free to drop in your child’s folder at any time into this box and I shall work with them to select and sign out a book to take home.

Miss Shannan😊