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Welcome to our Tuesday in the Kindergarten Two room.

Hendrix, Rosie and Harper were busy making slithering snakes from the clay. They rolled the clay out till it was nice and long, before using the accessories to poke and crave patterns into their snakes. Then carefully resting around his shoulders, Hendrix then decided to take his snake on a tour of the room.

Emerson and Ella were busy constructing with the beds today to make many dark and cosy houses. They huddled together inside, coming out to bring and put back various toys to play with inside.

The children participated in a recreation of our raincloud experiment, this time using a combination of red and blue. When asked what they think might happen when they mixed together, the children replied, Owen – Purple, Taran – Blue, Luna – Black. The children took turns to squeeze dye from the dropper onto the shaving cream, watching carefully as it dripped down into the water, making patterns in the water.

Out in the big yard, Macy took her paper plane out for a test flight. She raced up to the top of the hill, found her stance and threw her plane her far as she possibly could “Miss Shannan did you see!”.

After we had our rest time, we decided to reawaken our glitzy and disco selves for a dance party. Some of the children selected costumes from the costume bag, while others created outfits from loose fabrics, and some just showed off their fabulous dancing skills as they twirled and grooved to the music. Ivy – Look at my dress Miss Shannan, it flies when I spin!

Baugull wanyi (thank you) and Nya-nyah-bu (see you again)

Miss Shannan 😊

Sorry again for the photo issues, I hope to have this sorted tomorrow.