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Yet another rainy inside day today. We began our morning with some green playdough and some magic sand. The children worked together to swap the colours with each other until they all had all of the colours, going from a rainbow of magic sand before them, to blended purple sandcastles.

Miss Nads surprised us with a special little harmony day themed craft. The children selected their own little foam person to decorate and then selected an outfit from the coloured foam, manipulating it out, peeling the paper off the back and then sticking them to their little people. Owen made a little astronaut, complete with a flipping helmet. Harper made a doctor with a stethoscope, which she later took off of the person and stuck it to her shirt so that she could be a doctor too. Macy decided to stick with a red theme, dressing her person in red from head to toe. Hendrix said that his person was very cold, and so he layered them up in lots of clothes to keep them warm. Ella made sure to find the perfect haircut and ears for her person, flicking between the different coloured cards until she found the ones she liked best.

Out on the veranda we began our easter themed artwork, beginning with bunny masks for our easter party next week and special little easter treasures. Zachary decided to test his mask out before painting, laughing as he walked about the room showing his friends. Luna and Taran really enjoyed this experience, excitedly holding their painted masks up to their faces to show each other.

During rest time, we enjoyed some cosmic yoga. Today we went on a space adventure, shooting up in our rockets into the sky and travelling up through the galaxies.

Thank you for a lovely day, see you tomorrow!

Miss Shannan😊