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This morning Bonnie, Hendrix and Ivy offered to help Miss Shannan make poppies for our Anzac Ceremony today. Miss Shannan cut the poppies out and the children worked together to tear the lengths of sticky tape, to then tape paddle pop sticks to the backs of the poppies.

Straight after morning tea, we came back outside for our Anzac Day Ceremony. Miss Emma read a lovely book about a war teddy named Ted, we said to the Ode together and sang the Australian and the New Zealand National Anthems. Each of the children held their own poppy, that they carefully placed in the sandpit to show respect and thanks to our past and current defence force members.

Upon returning to the classroom, the children requested to make more poppies. They practiced their cutting skills, extended their fine motor development as they used paint, glue and tiny collage pieces in the creation of their poppies.

Ryan requested to play the drums today. He brought them outside and set them all up across the balance beam. He played them all, singing and smiling along as he created his own tunes.

Owen went on Ninjitsu adventures today. He and his little ninja went on lots of missions, from climbing trees to rescue trapped animals to building houses and secret hide outs.

Miss Jen was back this week for Funky Feet. The group was very excited to be up and dancing, hula hooping and practicing their pom pom skills. Harper, Millie, Riley and Christopher really enjoyed the jumping and hopping game. The goal of the game was to jump from one end to the other without touching any of the hula hoops. Going one way the children had to jump with both feet and going back they had to either hop or jump switching feet.

This afternoon the children enjoyed some outdoor reading, following along with the new exciting stories and even taking part by role playing the puppet characters as the stories were told.

On the veranda they tested their manipulation skills as they carefully positioned the balancing blocks together to build creatures and towers. They also had a go at an Indigenous artwork match game. Each card depicted a small painting, either of a pattern, an animal or a symbol and the children had to work to find its pair. This game also brought lots of discussion around what was on the cards.

Thank you everyone. Have a lovely and safe weekend and i’ll see you Tuesday.

Miss Shannan 😊