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We practiced our throwing skills and our hand and eye coordination today as we played with the target game. Miss Shannan held it up and our kindy friends took turns aiming and throwing the Velcro creatures at the target.

Outside this morning, Luna and Macy were playing a game of ‘the floor is lava’ on the obstacle course. They shouted out to Miss Shannan ‘Quick, you’re standing in the lava! Come over here!’ and showed Miss Shannan how to jump and where to run to, to get away from the lava.

Inside Ivy, Harper and Millie set themselves up as a drum circle. The searched the room for ‘drumsticks’ and worked together, showing and listening to each other as they created their own little concerts.

We spent quite some time out on our veranda painting today. We had lots of bright colours to choose from, with the children trailing lots of different painting methods; with brushes and fingers and even whole hands to create their pictures. Ryan enjoyed mixing the different colours together to see what new colours he could make, “That’s a dark green, nearly brown”.

Hendrix practiced lots of fine motor skills today, along with his creativity as he placed the pegs into the board to create lots of pictures and creations for mummy. He even added the magnetic shapes to sit on top, building a mini house for mummy to live in.

Zachary, Ella and Emerson enjoyed some quieter time together on the veranda. Seeking a haven from the hot day, they sat together telling each other stories and giggling away.

See you tomorrow!

Miss Shannan☺️