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Welcome to our Monday in the Kindy Two room.

Hendrix and Tate were busy with the large blocks today. They used to blocks to construct their own house. It was complete with walls, doors, and windows to look out through.

Armin extended upon his gross motor skills today as he scaled the obstacle course. He cheerily asked Miss Shannan to watch as he walked across the balance beam and jumped off the end.

We practiced our Yugambeh at group time this morning, answering the roll with “Gagagi now” (here I am). The children are enjoying this incorporation of Yugambeh language in our daily program, always excited to use the new words. We read Tiddalick the Frog, and the children reciting what was going to happen and how Tiddalick could be kinder to his friends next time. We practiced our hopping and jumping skills all the way to the bathroom door to wash our hands for morning tea.

To follow on with our reading of Tiddalick, Miss Shannan put the characters out on the table, along with the scenes of the story. The children worked individually and collaboratively to retell the story and act out the different characters, often taking them on explorations around the room. Ivy and Harper took their characters over the to dolls house, rolling Mr Echidna down the roof and jumping Tiddalick up the stairs.

Outside Tate was completing laps of the yard, declaring that he was a race car driver, “vrrroooommmm!”.

Owen and Bonnie was busy making ‘leaf soup’. They collected various sticks and leaves from the garden, mixing them together in a big bowl. Luna and Rosie were their pleasant customers, playing mummy and daughter they were patiently waiting at the tables for their meals.

Miss Hayley came for yoga today. The children went on a bear hunt and listened to the sound of the ocean through various shells.

Taran enjoyed our painting experience today. Carefully dipping the cotton buds into the paint, she enjoyed mixing the colours together “Look I made a lighter orange” and dotting the paint over the page.

In our afternoon group time, we read the story “Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow”. Miss Shannan put on the song for the story and the children all danced and sang along with the scarecrow. The children enjoyed this so much, they asked for it twice in a row. Lots of scarecrow movements and beautiful singing voices could be heard as the children joined along.

Thank you,

Miss Shannan 😊