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Rosie practiced her gross motor skills this morning. Sitting up on the hill with Miss Shannan, they passed and threw the ball back and forth to each other.

Outside this morning, the children were eagerly digging and building lots of castles and cupcakes in the sandpit. Lots of trips for water from the water pump to the mud kitchen and the sandpit as they sourced and collected their ingredients for their meals. There was food for witches, birthday cakes and soup galore.

We read the dreamtime story of “How the birds got their colours”. The children found this story very interesting and liked pointing out all of the colours they could see on the birds. After we finished the book, Luna requesting we read “Tiddalick” and so that was what we did.

Following on from the stories, the children painted and collaged their own colourful birds. They used glue, colourful paper and lots of paint to decorate their birds. Once they were dry, Miss Shannan added them to our dreamtime displays and the children proudly pointed our which bird was theirs and the colours that they used, “Mines there!” – Ella, “Mine has got lots of pink!” – Harper, “Mine has little coloured balls on it, I rolled them” – Macy.

Emerson, Hendrix, and Owen were busy constructing “The biggest, bestest cubby house ever!”. They used all the beds to make a winding, room filled cubby house. Once they were finished, they invited their friends in to explore.

Ivy and Taran spent lots of time together out on the bikes. They took turns being the driver and being raced around on the back as the passenger.

Thank you for a wonderful day!

Miss Shannan 😊