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Welcome to our freaky, fun, fabulous Friday!

Bonnie explored the baby dolls new clothes today. She transformed the kitchen sink into a baby bath and took her dolly for a bath, before redressing her in a new outfit. She then dove into the dress up bag to find herself a pretty dress before returning to her imaginative play.

Millie enjoyed sitting with Miss Shannan to complete a name forming cutting activity today. She flicked through the pages of a magazine to find the letters of her name before sticking them down onto a sheet of paper. Millie made many connections when flicking through the magazine, “That’s a H for Harper. That’s frozen, you used the N Miss Shannan”.

Outside today we practiced our catching, throwing and hitting skills using the rackets, mini lacrosse catchers and tennis balls. The children worked with Miss Shannan, trying their best to hit the balls she threw at them and using their developing throwing techniques by transferring their weight onto their front foot and completing the throwing motion to pass the balls back to Miss Shannan. Riley, Owen, Christopher, and Hendrix thoroughly enjoyed this activity, spending quite some time practicing their gross motor skills, becoming quite the pro players by the end of the day.

Ivy and Harper practiced their developing understanding of balance and clear communication. Together they worked to balance the seesaw beam, telling each other what they were going to do, so that they each would be safe and wouldn’t fall off.

Tate and Ryan loved the train tracks this morning. They covered the entire mat with weaving tracks, tunnels and bridges. They worked together to race the trains around up and around the track, often taking different paths to see who could return the fastest.

Baugull wanyi (thank you) and Nya-nyah-bu (see you again)

Miss Shannan 😊