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Today we welcomed eleven friends to Kindergarten Two: Owen, Hendrix, Ivy, Bonnie, Luna, Macy, Armin, Taran, Tate, Rosie and Harper.

After we enjoyed our morning tea, we decided to have an outdoor morning and enjoy the warmth of the Sun. We brought the home corner outside, and the children enjoyed dressing up and diving deep into their role play with the baby dolls and the mud kitchen.

Miss Shannan set up an extra tricky obstacle course today. With many turns and jumps the children spent time completing it from different starting points and taking turns jumping off and hanging beneath it.

For Crazy Hair Day today, the children demonstrated their imaginative creativity as they designed their dream crazy hair portrait. They each spent some time at the table, testing out different coloured styles and adding accessories to their drawings.

Many towers were made today using the large, coloured blocks. There were houses, ‘extra tall buildings’, shops and towns. They proudly stood next to their creations, showing how high they could build them.

Today at yoga with Miss Hayley, the children made their very own calm down bracelets. They each were given a pipe cleaner and three beads to thread on. They took their time threading them on before seeking Miss Hayley or Miss Shannan to loop them around their wrists. Miss Hayley explained that when the children were feeling sad, angry or anxious, that each bead became a stop/ pause button, and each bead represented a big deep breath, 1, 2, 3, everything was going to be okay. The children really enjoyed this activity, proudly showing each other their bracelets and running their fingers over the beads.

We decided to make a quick dash out into the big yard for a play before lunch. The children used balanced beams and their stands to create their own slides down into the sandpit. There was backwards sliding, full body back and belly sliding and speedy sandy slides. The children enjoyed experimenting with their risk play and communicating their ideas to each other. While others decided to take a more relaxed stance in the sandpit and enjoy some castle building and treasure finding.

Also, could learning journals please be returned as soon as possible. Many thanks.


Thank you,

Miss Shannan😊