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Out in the big yard this morning, we had our very own monkey visitor. Owen was having lots of fun swinging on the monkey bars, when he told Miss Shannan that he was going to be a monkey and proceeded to hang upside down on the bars. He repeated this many times, showing his friends how they could do it too “You have to swing your legs”.

Macy enjoyed her time in the beautiful sunshine, swinging on the swings. She smiled and laughed as she continued to go higher “I’ll soon touch the sky” she excitedly exclaimed.

Back inside the classroom, Rosie, Harper and Riley opened up their very own salon. They took turns playing the customers and the hairdressers, taking their time as they “chopped” and brushed each other’s hair.
Hendrix decided he was going to make his very own book today. He told Miss Shannan he was going to use every single colour to make a rainbow book. He then selected the colours he wanted from the trays, grabbed scissors and glue and set to work putting his book together.
Emerson built himself a mighty fort. He was very proud of his fort, bringing Miss Shannan over for a tour and inviting his friends inside to play.
Outside, Miss Shannan set up a spray-painting activity with a fine motor development concept. The children were to use spray bottles to complete their artworks, practicing their fine motor skills and muscle development as they squeezed the handles for the paint to come out. The children were all very excited to have a go at this experience, creating painting after painting and proudly hanging them out to dry. This activity was a favourite of Taran, Ivy and Ella. They spent quite some time at this experience, experimenting with various colours and different spray bottles.

Thank you for a lovely start to the week!

Miss Shannan 😊