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Today we welcomed Harper, Bonnie, Rosie, Ivy, Emerson, Armin, Luna and Macy to Kindy 2. We finished our group time routine with yoga affirmations this morning. The children first practiced the new moves with Miss Shannan, pointing out on the poster the ones they would next like to practice. They then stood very proud and excited as they repeated the affirmations after Miss Shannan and demonstrated their yoga poses. Following this the children practiced their breathing exercises, going through all of the poster activities together as a group. They practiced their balloon blowing, race car breathing, mountain climbing and hand tracing for future calm down strategies for when they may be feeling upset, angry, overwhelmed or would just like a moment to themselves.

Today the children all extended their fine motor skills, strengthening their hand eye coordination, manipulation skills and hand muscles as they carefully threaded on beads of many sizes and shapes, though mainly quite small onto a pipe cleaner. Macy, Luna, Ivy, Harper and Rosie all repeated this activity many times, with many bracelets soon hanging from their wrists all the way up to their elbows.

Bonnie brought in a puzzle to complete with her friends today. She and Emerson sat down together on the mat and began working away on the large dog puzzle. They communicated to each other what dog they were working on and described the pieces that they were each searching for, the colours, shapes and body features. They took their time to complete the puzzle and sat together and admired their collaboration when it was finished, pointing at the pictures within the puzzle and their favourite dogs.

Armin enjoyed some time together with Miss Shannan as he cooked her a tasty meal in the home corner kitchen. Armin – “This is the entrée, and this is the soup, its hot”. He cooked her many meals and smiled with pleasure when she complimented his cooking skills. Once finished with his cooking, he decided to move to the magnetic boards, pointing at the letters and recognised, and counting along to the numbers on the second board.

Outside the children asked to play a game of duck duck goose and cat and mouse. They each had a turn of each game, either chasing or being chased by their peers. They all displayed great peer encouragement as they cheered their friends on when it was their turn and celebrating when they made it back to their seats or when they saved the mouse from the cat. Out in the big yard, we also had a big game of ‘going on a bear hunt’ with a twist. Trekking around the yard to find the bear, before racing away before the bear then caught them.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful start to the week!

Miss Shannan😊