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Happy Friday everyone, and a very Happy Birthday to Miss Millicent!

Here’s a little snapshot of our fun, freaky, fabulous Friday!

Out in the big yard this morning, the children engaged in some risk play and extended their balancing skills as they scaled the raised balance beam and jumped off the end onto the mats below. Some decided to be a little extra clever, jumping like a star and trying to kick their bottoms with their feet as they were in the air.

We ended our morning group time today with an active counting session. We followed along with the song and actions, counting all the way from one to one hundred, while completing different actions for each ten counts; jumping, hopping, windmill arms, as well as running and slow walking on the spot. Bonnie demonstrated her skipping skills to her peers as she gracefully skipped around the whole room for the counts.

We had a big crafting session today. After multiple requests for collage and painting during the week, Miss Shannan brought in lots of recycled boxes and cartoons to use today. On the table were various collage pieces, glue, scissors, and paint. The children set to work, constructing various objects; Hendrix – A really big spaceship. I need lots of boxes. I’m going to draw buttons to make it go and land.

Ivy – I’m not quite sure what it is yet, but it’s going to be for my little baby brother when he gets here.

Millie – Mine is for Jackson.

Tate – I’m making a monster truck; I’m cutting out the wheels.

Owen – A spaceship for little mice to travel around in.

At afternoon group time we had our show and tell. Christopher showed us his batman and joker and how the joker is sneaky and is hiding inside. Riley showed us his motocross man, who could come off his bike and do tricks. Ryan showed us his cool t-rex who could transform into a dressing gown.

We celebrated Millie’s birthday today. We were also very lucky to enjoy some delicious cupcakes that Millie brought it to share with her peers. The children excitedly sang Happy Birthday to Millie, cheering loudly, “Hip Hip, Hooorayy! Thank you Millie, they were delicious! Have a wonderful birthday weekend!

This afternoon, Harper was busy at the beading activity. She took her time selecting colours to thread onto the string. When she was finished, she asked Miss Shannan to tie it up for her. When she found that it was too small to be a necklace, she placed it on top of her head and called it her crown.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful Friday! Millicent I hope you have a lovely birthday weekend!

Miss Shannan😊