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Outside this morning the children were all engaged in a giant game of capture the hat. Miss Shannan and Mr Andrew began the game when two Kindy friends came up and stole their hats. The teachers then began collecting the hats of all of the children involved and it soon turned into a massive game of chase. Laughter and squeals covered the entire yard, as the Kindy teachers and Kindy friends all raced around together in one giant game.

At morning group time the children were asked what activities they wished to engage with today. Ella, Ivy and Ryan all requested to play with the clay and tools. Tate, Hendrix, Owen and Riley all decided they wished to do some drawing with the texters. Luna, Millie and Harper desired to play in home corner, and finally all of the boys stated that they wished to build cubby houses.

The children all scattered off to the activities that were interested in. Over at the art table, the girls requested to carry on with some crazy hair day pictures, asking Miss Shannan if she had any left. They spent quite some time together, drawing many wild and colourful hairstyles on their characters.

At the clay table, green and blue clays were both mixed together. Miss Shannan pointed out that it looked a bit like Earth and the children compared it to the picture of planet Earth up on the wall. They then went on to make trampolines, planets, houses, people and animals from the clay; moulding it around with their hands and with the rollers and tools provided.

In home corner, the pizza restaurant was in full swing, with pizzas being prepared, cooked and served out to its valued customers who eagerly enjoyed and paid for their meals.

Outside in the mud kitchen, the children were on a hunt for leaves, twigs and flowers to add to their cooking. They then mixed them all together in the pots, adding water and sand to the mix.

Also, if learning journals could please be returned as soon as possible, that would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Thank you,

Miss Shannan😊