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Today we welcomed Harper, Luna, Macy, Rosie, Emerson, Taran and Ella to Kindy 2. Upon finishing morning tea, we came inside for our activities. Luna, Harper, Macy and Rosie played together at the treehouse with the safari animals. Macy put her monkey on the swing and swung her around and around in big circles. Luna put her cheetah to bed, creating a safe space up on the top of the treehouse. Rosie performed the drums, playing a tune for the animals to dance too. And Harper brought over the small dolls house to connect to the treehouse for her animals to race across to.

Ella, Taran and Emerson sat together at the craft table. Taran brought over the framed paper, one for each of them, and the glue. Emerson collected the scissors and paints, and Ella sourced the collage pieces from the shelves.

Macy, Luna and Emerson soon moved over to the clay experience. On the table was green clay and scenes from the story “Tiddalick the Frog”. The children all rotated through this activity, taking turns to recreate their own depictions of Tiddalick the Frog. While being a creative sensory experience, this activity also worked hard to build the children knowledge of Aboriginal culture, strengthen the children’s hand muscles, readying them for the future task of controlled writing with a pencil.

We later decided to go outside for a play in the big yard. The children all chose to play together on the big swing. Emerson and Harper each stood up on one side, and Ella preferred to push swing while Taran, Macy, Luna and Rosie all sat together on the swing.

The magnetic boards were once again a favourite of the day with the children regularly floating between the boards and the other activities. This activity not only holds and extends upon the children’s concentration and focus skills, but also builds a foundation of pre-writing skills for drawing, writing letters and words. It also builds upon the children’s letter and number recognition as they make connections between their verbal and written knowledge of letters and numbers.

Thank you,

Miss Shannan  😊