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Welcome back to another beautiful week in the Kindergarten Two classroom. We had lots of fun today celebrating the Holi Festival and it was lovely to see lots of bright coloured clothing.

Outside this morning, the children had quite a ball in the sandpit. Luna and Tate showed us their beautiful smiles as they swung on the swings, and Owen showed his strength as he pushed the swings as high as he could. Ivy decided she wanted to bake chocolate cupcakes, digging throughout the sandpit toy box to find the cupcake tray and a mixing bowl. Rosie soon joined; going off in search of sprinkles, she soon returned with a small tree branch which she carefully pulled the leaves off to make her own sprinkles. Taran was the careful cupcake server, placing the finished cupcakes onto plates and offering them to her friends to try.

Emerson had an exciting show and tell for us today. He brought in some photos of his holiday to the Sunshine Coast. He was very excited to tell his friends about his trip to the Ginger Factory and the super fun ride he went on four times! His friends were all so excited to hear about it and asked lots of questions about his trip.

In celebration of the Holi Festival, the children participated in a creative experience together. Together using spray bottles, the children decorated an entire sheet. Hendrix and Macy helped Miss Shannan hang a sheet to the fence, they pegged the bottom of the sheet to the fence while she pegged the top. Armin was our resident colour mixer, combining various colours together in the spray bottles before moving over to the sheet and testing his combinations out. The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience, asking Miss Shannan to flip the sheet so they could colour the top bits that they couldn’t initially reach. When they are finished the sheet, they moved to decorate the poster on the table. Harper liked using the smaller squirter bottles for this activity, as she could control exactly where the colour was going.

During rest time today, Bonnie was our yoga queen. She followed along with the interactive story, wiggling like a dolphin in the waves and reaching up as high as she could to touch the clouds in the sky.

Thank you for a beautiful start to the week! Unfortunately I will be unable to come in for the remainder of the week due to the Brisbane lockdown restrictions. Miss Vanessa will be in with the children tomorrow and I know they will have a wonderful day. I am looking forward to reading about their days and seeing all of the photos. If you have any messages you wish to pass on to me while I am away, please feel free to talk to or email Miss Nads and she will pass them on to me, alternatively the parent communication book (which is in a plastic sleeve hanging just inside the classroom).

See you again soon,

Miss Shannan 😊