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Today we welcomed 10 friends to the Kindergarten Two room: Owen, Hendrix, Bonnie, Ryan, Riley, Emerson, Taran, Harper, Ella and Christopher.

Kindy friends were busy playing a big game of shadowland this morning. After teaching Miss Shannan how to play the game and what to watch out for (like crocodiles and sunlight), the children trekked around the yard, sticking to the darkness of shadows and away from the creatures.

The children also enjoyed some zombie hunting in the sandpit. They were busy digging up the sand in search for any creature’s underneath.

After coming inside for group time, the children were eager to try the new counting 1-100 movement video. This video was about zoo animals, with the children counting each 10 numbers while completed a different animal’s movement. They then transitioned to the tables to enjoy a yummy morning tea of porridge and banana, before moving off to their chosen activities.

Miss Shannan introduced the children to a new coloured pebble activity. At this activity, the children demonstrated a mix of their manipulation skills as they completed different stacking challenges with the odd shaped pebbles and of their developing patterning and counting skills.

The alien memory game was also a favourite activity of the day with the children assisting each other to understand the game concepts. The children took turns at this activity, patiently waiting to join in when others had finished and cheering each other on. This game is a great extension on the children’s concentration, memory and attention to detail.

Using the Jenga blocks, the children played games of dominos and constructed many castles and caves from the blocks.

The children practised their letter identification and writing today. After asking Miss Shannan for a list of Kindy friends names, they began by pointing out the names they recognised, before then attempting to recreate them on another page. Others decided to practice their writing and drawing many pictures on the whiteboards.


Also, if learning journals could please be returned as soon as possible it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Thank you,

Miss Shannan 😊