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Today we welcomed Harper, Luna, Ivy, Riley, Ryan, Emerson and Millicent to Kindy 2.

Outside the children developed their risk play and concentration skills as they participated in the wooden large nail and hammer activity. Protected by their safety goggles, they sat cross legged in a small group as they hammered the nails down into the blocks. The children rotated between this activity with Miss Lais and the activities back inside the classroom.

Inside the children demonstrated their imaginative and dramatisation abilities as they used the felt characters to create many different scenes and tell their own stories. The treehouse was also abuzz with many characters and animals moving about the space and communicating with each other.

Over at the craft table, the children were busy participating in a combined sensory and manipulative activity. On the table were a series of mats, and on each mat was a shape outline, along with the name of the shape and other examples of the shape in everyday life. Using clay and a whiteboard marker, the children moulded the clay into the shape on the mat and then practiced some pre-writing skills as they traced the letters in the shape name as well as the shape itself. The children became quite creative with this activity, making connections between the examples of the shapes and other times that they had seen the shapes, either in the classroom or at home.

The children requested to play the ‘cat and mouse’ game again today. They took turns between being the gates, the cat and the mouse, chasing each other around the yard and saving their peers from the chasing cat but either trapping the cat inside the gates or closing them quickly behind the mouse to keep them safe.

The children are loving their Kindy Ranger titles and are continuing to take care of the plants and gardens around the kindergarten. They are continuously filling the watering cans to “give the plants a drink” and ensuring no one is braking or climbing on our smaller trees in the yard. Some of the children have even been feeling the dirt to see if the plants are thirsty.

We had a bug show today from the wildlife rangers. We learnt that scorpion’s glow in the dark, about the exoskeletons of a cockroach and how they are on the cleanest animals as they hate to be dirty (this was a big shock to the teachers). The children also took turns to hold a giant cockroach, prickly stick insects and pat a breaded dragon. The children were very engaged in the show, with lots of questions being asked and with many wows!

Thank you,

Miss Shannan  😊