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This morning Miss Shannan read the group a special book brought in by Ryan. He said it was his very special book, it was about a little elephant and finding his place in the jungle. We really enjoyed reading this together thank you Ryan. Emerson also brought in a special book and puzzle today, the children all sat down working together to complete the puzzle. It was lots of fun!

We had some very special visitors today; Miss Beck and her sea creature friends. Miss Beck had a brilliant show for us today, we learnt about protecting the animals in the ocean and making sure to correctly dispose of our rubbish, so that animals do not choke, get sick or tangled in our rubbish. Harper was very lucky to be chosen to help untangle a trapped pelican and return him back to the ocean. We also met Dennis the sea cucumber, a sea star with orange arms, Mr Hermit crab and a spikey but soft sea urchin. We even had the chance to very gently touch the creatures and explore the games and pieces brought by Miss Beck. Zachary spotted Mr Hermit crab in the tank, gently feeling his shell. Macy liked exploring all the shells, picking them all up to see which one had the loudest ocean sound, offering Miss Shannan a listen when she found the best one. It was quite the experience, we all enjoyed it very much!

Hendrix spent the morning building two cubby houses, the first one he made was a shop, bringing in lots of food from home corner to sell, and the second being a big cubby for all of his friends to play in  Millie came along and became the shop keeper, selling and making lots of delicious food for her friends.

We made ooblek again today. This time with lots of different colours and with buried bugs to discover. Ella and Ivy thoroughly enjoyed this activity, both starting off with a tray with one colour, though soon mixing together all of the colours from other trays into their own, examining the different textures they all had first before asking to add more water when they felt it was needed.

This afternoon we also did lots of drawing and puzzles in our rest time. At one point our room looked like one giant puzzle, with friends all busily working away.

We had a wonderful day today, I’m very excited to see what tomorrow brings!

Miss Shannan☺️