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Thank you everyone for a lovely day, unfortunately there are no photos due to technical issues with the site.

This morning at group time, Armin and Bonnie both requested the ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’. Miss Shannan turned the pages as the music played and the children danced along merrily. When requested for an encore the whole group and Miss Shannan were up on their feet dancing and singing along. Once all the dancing and singing was over, Rosie cosied up on the queen chair and flicked through the book quietly to herself.

Luna and Macy were busy in home corner today, first cooking up a storm in the kitchen, before moving to the dolls houses, taking their little people on various adventures.

Owen was our small world mayor today. Moving around the room he set up various play environments for both the animals and the people. Some of the environments linked together, such as the stables and farm area that was located out the back of the house.

Harper and Taran requested gluing and cutting. They told Miss Shannan that they were going to make butterflies and asked if she could cut out the paper for them. The girls were soon very busy, using a rainbow of colours to decorate their butterflies. Hendrix was also busy being creative today, cutting and gluing envelopes together to make one giant letter.

We used the flower connectors today to practice our fine motor and pincher grip skills. Tate enjoyed turning the flowers into motorbikes, “This one is my orange motorbike and this one is black with a big wheel and a little wheel. Ivy practiced writing the letters of her names using the connectors, laying them strategically out on the floor “I did it backwards!” she laughed. We also lined up the connectors to practice our counting skills.

We had lots of fun with Miss Hayley today. The children practiced calming their bodies and focusing on the sounds of the ocean heard from within the shells, and their gross motor skills as the went on a dragon hunt around the yard and practiced their yoga poses together.

Thank you, Miss Shannan😊