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We had lots of fun this morning hanging out together as a group on the ropes. The children practiced their gross motor and balancing skills as they climbed like a monkey across the course. We had lots of fun hanging out together and talking about our plans for the day.

Up in the tree house, Harper suggested a game of stuck in the mud. Her peers excitedly joined in with her, chasing each other around and practicing their gross motor skills as they jumped to a halt and crawled through legs to free each other from the sticky mud.

The children practiced their letter and name recognition, fine motor skills and pencil grip this morning. They first searched for their own name in the pile, before using it as a guide for their own writing. As an extension on this activity, the children were also given a selection of letters that they could use to spell out their name. Ivy, Millie and Ella were first to investigate the activity, taking time to practice the letters of their names, both on their own and with the assistance of Miss Shannan.

Tate, Macy and Luna enjoyed exploring the new addition to home corner. Within their imaginative play they blended milkshakes, smoothies and mixed cake recipes. Offering them to their peers and Miss Shannan to taste “mmm, delicious!” their peers eagerly responded and smiled.

The children continued on with their Mother’s Day art and craft. They worked together, taking care and demonstrating patience to measure, mix and package the surprise. Emerson and Hendrix were very excited to complete these, eagerly helping Miss Shannan bring all of the ingredients over to the table, asking lots of questions.

Ryan and Riley went on a dinosaur expedition today. They each began with one dinosaur each, together trekking their dinosaurs around the room, accumulating more and more on their adventure. They soon had a small army of dinosaurs exploring the room.

Miss Shannan😊