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Welcome back everyone, I hope you all had a lovely Easter!

With another day of rainy weather, we spent the day inside. Our day was filled with lots of fun and child led learning.

Emerson and Hendrix made a cubby house fort this morning. Building long walls that stretched across the entire group time/quiet area mat. They asked Miss Shannan for some assistance with the roof, before quickly climbing in and setting up their play inside the fort.

Taran, Harper and Ivy requested to make playdough with Miss Shannan. They selected their own colours and added as much or as little flour to their dough to make it as sticky or squishy as they desired. They soon mixed their colours together to make a rainbow dough.

Owen made his own little city today out of the Lego. In his city there were towers and houses and the ocean where the people could go swimming.

Luna enjoyed the dinosaur small world play. Creating her own little dinosaur park, stomping the dinosaurs around “Rahhh!”.

Ella enjoyed using the erasable board today. She practiced writing her name and drawing lots of pictures.

We practiced our yoga skills together as a group, standing up on one foot to be the tallest tress we could, before couching down and folding up our bodies as we practiced leaping and stretching our limbs like little bunnies.

The children were interested in the marine animals today, asking lots and lots of questions. Miss Shannan decided to put on an educational video regarding sea creatures. The children were very engaged in this activity, listening intently as Blippi the presenter went on a tour of a marine centre, exploring lots of different marine animals. This conversation was carried on later at afternoon tea, when Miss Shannan picked up a piece of plastic and a plastic glove that was left on the floor. Miss Shannan jiggled it up and down asking what it looked like and children discussed that it looked like a jellyfish. Miss Shannan asked them what they thought may happen if it got into the ocean. The children said that the turtles and other animals might eat it and get sick, “they could die too!” they explained to each other. Miss Shannan explained that we need to be very careful with our rubbish and make sure we are always putting it in the bin, because we never know where it may end up and who may try to eat it.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful day, it was lovely to be back!

See you soon,

Miss Shannan 😊