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Out in the yard today we had our very own doctor’s office. Owen was our resident doctor, with Bonnie being his first patient of the day with an injured leg and sore neck.

Christopher and Taran partook in the new counting activity today. They explored the different objects and animals on the cards, counting to see how many of each there were. They then practiced their fine motor skills to place a small peg on the correlating number on the bottom of the card. They both cleverly speed through this activity, completing every single card.

Ivy and Harper selected the Indigenous paintings memory game off of Miss Shannan’s shelf today. They worked together to find all of the matches, stopping to observe and discuss the pictures depicted in the paintings.

Macy practiced her letter recognition and fine motor skills as she found her name amongst her classmates and then searched through the letters to recreate her own name. She was very proud when she found all of the letters and completed her name.

Ella worked with Miss Shannan to make her own paper fan today. After watching Miss Shannan make one while she was drawing, she excitedly asked to make one too. Miss Shannan demonstrated how to fold the paper back and forth. Ella eagerly copied and soon had a paper fan of her own, she beamed as she waved it about, showing her creation to her friends.

Emerson spent some time designing and constructing his own cubby house today. He demonstrated his gross motor skills as he lifted and manipulated the beds and pillows to suit his design.

Hendrix enjoyed exploring the water trough today. Using funnels, buckets and shovels he manipulated the sand and water about, investigating movement and creating imaginative dinners for Tigger.

Ryan started a creative frenzy today. He set off in search of paper and envelopes to make “Mummy a card”. Once he found one in the drawers, he brought coloured crayons outside and set to work. Once his peers asked what he was doing, they quickly sat down to join in and make cards for their mummies too.

ARAKAN was lots of fun today. The yard was filled with squeals and laughter as the children fluttered about completing the various activities and skills with Mr Daniel.

Miss Shannan 😊