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I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and had the opportunity to celebrate their loved ones. I apologise for the Father’s Day gifts not going home on Friday. They will go home today with your child.

Today we welcomed Harper, Armin, Hendrix, Taran, Bonnie, Tate, Luna and Macy. After completed our morning group time and enjoyed our yummy morning tea, the children explored the activities set up within the room.

Out in the side yard this morning the children enjoyed racing each other up and around the down and back down the slides to the invisible finish line. Taran and Bonnie enjoyed this game, squealing and laughing as they slid down the slides and raced back around again.
Tate and Hendrix were busy playing with their Bluey and Tiger. They held them up as high above them as they could, singing the lion king song, before throwing them up into the air to each other “Look they are flying together” – Tate, “They are so high!” – Hendrix.
Harper and Luna had a go at tree climbing. They took turns, swapping between being the encourager and watcher with Miss Shannan and scaling their way up the tree. They strengthened their balance and coordination skills as they carefully positioned their hands and legs as they climbed.

Hendrix, Bonnie and Tate were the first to explore the snow. They displayed their evolving experimentation and investigation skills as they tested the different consistencies of the snow and used the spoons and scoops to measure out quantities of the snow. They first decided to mix the different coloured snow to see what would be formed when mixed. They had a discussion as to what they thought would happen, debating their ideas and why. After it was all mixed together, they separated it back out onto all three trays. They then decided to add water to some of them. Hendrix decided to add “lots of water”, Bonnie stated that she “I only want a little bit” and Tate didn’t want any. Once they had finished adding what they wished, they then took turns feeling the different snows and stating what they observed. Bonnie – “My feels a bit cold and Hendrix’s is really cold”. Hendrix – “Yeah, mine feels like ice!”. Tate – “My doesn’t, but mine is soft”.
Taran was the first at the craft area this morning. Upon spotting the painting set up at the table, she raced to put on a smock before grabbing herself a piece of paper and setting to work. She first painted a picture for her mummy and then another for her daddy. She excitedly then went over to the picture frames and began to decorate one for her daddy “It’s so pretty!”. Soon many of her peers soon joined her in the decoration process. Macy thoroughly enjoyed this activity, after placing her frames on the desk to dry, she soon recollected it to add more sparkle and colours, Macy – “I put lots of hearts because I love my daddy”.
The children enjoyed playing one of their favourite table games today, ‘Alien Memory’. Miss Shannan laid all of the cards down on the table and the children soon gathered around to watch and to play. They took turns going around it a circle to each pickup two cards, placing them back down if they didn’t match. The children gave great support to each other, celebrating each time someone would find a match, and reminding them “You get another turn, you found them”.
The children practiced their balancing and focus during yoga today with Miss Hayley. Armin showed off his skills to his peers as he balanced on one foot on the rocking planks, all while holding both of his hands up in the air. Armin – “Look what I can do!”. The children enjoyed taking turns to balancing upon the rocking beans, searching around the yard for Miss Hayley’s dragon and laying peacefully while listening to the meditation music.

Thank you,

Miss Shannan 😊