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What fun was had out in the big yard this morning. Harper enjoyed some cooking time with Poppy in the mud kitchen, dishing up trays and trays of yummy cupcakes.

Owen and Bonnie set up camp in the corner of the yard, sourcing branches and twigs from around the yard, they created their own campfire to sit and talk around.

After morning tea, we decided to have an outdoor day, enjoying the cool air and warm sunshine.

Hendrix and Christopher got creative with the magnetic blocks. Christopher made his own caterpillar and Hendrix a cocoon for the caterpillar to live in.

Riley and Ryan expressed their creativity through painting. They experimented with the different colours, blending them together on the paper and creating multiple beautiful pictures each.

Ivy worked hard on the world puzzle with Miss Shannan. They discussed the different countries and animals that lived there. Ivy did a little happy dance upon finishing the puzzle, very proud of her accomplishment.

Miss Shannan set up a cosy spot with lots of mats, books, cushions and baby dolls out in the yard. Millie said it would be a great spot to make a house. She quickly raced inside, bringing out the food and plates from home corner, setting up a homely spot for herself and her friends.

Tate was attracted to the aquaplay system today. He excitedly helped Miss Shannan to fill it all the way to the top with water, before taking his boats and cars around for a lap in the water.

Funky Feet was back today and the children had a ball dancing and singing along with Miss Jen. Thank you, Miss Jen!

Miss Shannan 😊