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After morning tea was devoured, Miss Shannan brought the children inside to discuss today’s activities. Over at the craft table, the children were introduced to a new version of last week’s snow writing activity. On the table were shallow trays were filled with sand, along with a basket of the children’s names. Miss Shannan demonstrated how they could use their fingers to write in the sand to reveal the colour underneath. The children were very excited by this activity, and all took turns practicing their letter identification and letter formation. Once they had completed their own name, they went through the remainder of the pile, listing the names that they recognised.

Over at the other table, the children were reintroduced to the class favourited frog game. After Miss Shannan had explained how the game was played and double checked that everyone was confident in their understanding, the children breached off to their selected activity choices. Harper, Taran and Macy were the first to explore the sand writing activity, confidently stating the letters in their names and practicing forming them in the sand. Luna, Owen and Rosie went straight to the frog counting game, taking turns to flick the spinner and identify the numbers before counting them out on their boards. Emerson and Ella decided to take their name cards from the sand writing activity and used pencils to practice their pencil grips and letter formation.

The children also participated in a memory game today. The children completed this activity individually. They were shown multiple objects on a tray, which was then covered for ten seconds. Upon revealing the tray again, the children had to remember what was on the tray and what was missing. This activity was repeated multiple times, each time with another object being removed from the tray. This activity expanded upon the children’s concentration, persistence and attention to detail, as while they may have initially found the activity tricky, they all completed the activity and felt the feeling of pride upon completing the activity. This activity strengthened the understanding that while sometimes things may feel difficult at the time, preserving through to the end is worthwhile.

Outside today, Emerson and Owen worked together to create their ultimate obstacle course. Miss Shannan brought all of the course pieces around into the yard and the boys discussed what pieces they wished to use and how they wanted it to look. Emerson – We need it high, so that we can jump off. Owen – And this part can be where we run up to it.

The children also participated in a blindfolded game in which they worked as pairs to lead each other through a mind field maze. They found this game quite tricky at the beginning, though soon got the hang of giving each other the correct directions and carefully taking their hands to guide them to the safety of the end of the course.

The children expressed their creative side this morning, sourcing glitter, collage, and many sheets of paper. They began by painting many coloured pictures upon their paper, before deciding to add dimension to their artworks, ripping up shreds of tissue paper, sticking sequins and using the patterned scissors to cut borders and strips into their designs.

Later, during the end of rest time, the girls decided to continue to expand on their creativity, though this time using their hands as their tools. The dipped their hands in paint and began to press them down onto the paper. While super messy, the children revealed large proud smiles as they showed their creations to their friends.


Thank you everyone for a wonderful day.

Miss Shannan 😊