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Welcome back to another beautiful week in Kindergarten.

This morning we went for a play in the big back yard with our Kindergarten One friends. Taran went sailing in her pirate ship, looking out through her spy glass for other pirates in the sea.

Once we came back inside, devoured our morning tea and had a chat at group time, we enjoyed various activities inside out of the heat. Tate built a plane and motorbikes, proudly showing them to his friends. Hendrix built a spaceship, flying it around the room before joining Tate to fly their creations together. Up at the tables, Armin had constructed his very own Rocketship, adding flames coming out of the bottom so that it could fly. Over in our investigation area, Owen placed the insects into jars before stacking them all up nice and high to inspect them.

We had our visit from Miss Hayley today for Yoga. The children all gathered around, eager to begin. Miss Hayley led them on another wonderful adventure, they followed along, telling a story with their bodies as they stretched up and out, before relaxing down and practising their breathing techniques.

In quiet corner, Ivy and Harper were cozied up on the cushions enjoying a story together, Bonnie later joined them, cuddling up together for a chat on the big cushion. Up at the tables, Luna was making and cutting up a paper nappy for her baby doll, carefully wrapping her up ‘nice and snuggly’.

Emerson tried out our new under the sea puzzle today. Though trickier than our other puzzles, he took his time and completed the puzzle to reveal the end picture.

Thank you for another lovely day, see you tomorrow!

Miss Shannan 😊