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With such beautiful weather, we decided to soak up the warmth and have an outside day. This morning we choose to stay in the big yard for a little bit longer than usual as the children were very engaged in a game of duck, duck, goose; laughing and squealing as they chased each other around the treehouse, racing as fast as they could to get back to their spot in the circle. We also enjoyed a group game of scissors, paper, rock, with the added inclusion of bomb, which Ryan explained would blow everyone else up and then the bomb would win.
We had lots of show and tells today. Emerson showed us his new Peppa Pig who he got for his birthday; Christopher brought his two King Kong’s, showing us his new one that makes lots of noise and has eyes that light up; Ivy explained that her pink teddy gives her lots of cuddles and likes to sleep with her at night; and Ryan brought in his fluffy King Lion, who has his very own crown on his head.
Out in our yard, we had a big dance party. Emerson requested the gummy bear song and Harper requested Moana. Miss Shannan brought the speaker outside and the children wiggled and giggled about as they sang along to the music.
Following on from Riley’s request for green playdough, the children helped Miss Shannan to mix and knead some fresh playdough. Miss Shannan coloured some rice yellow for the children to use add to their creations they pleased. There were cupcakes and pancakes and lots of tasty pizzas.
We had a game of giant connect four, and the children all worked together to see who could place all the counters into the slots the fastest.
On the veranda Ryan, Ivy and Christopher worked together with Miss Shannan to do the animal puzzles. Once they were finished, they acted out the characters in their own imaginative game.
Ella and Taran practiced their throwing skills as they launched the flyers through the air to reach the target. This was also a good activity for practicing their patience and turn taking skills as they waited for a turn to throw and then collect from the target.
Mr Dan came today for Arakan. The children were all very excited to see him, jumping up and down and calling out that they had missed him. Today in Arakan we practiced open fisted punches, speedy running and our stances. The children always love this lesson so much and are always sad to see Mr Dan go.
We were very spoilt for afternoon tea today. Emerson brought in some delicious homemade muffins to share. They were absolutely scrumptious! Thank you Emerson.

Thank you everyone for a lovely day, see you all again soon!
Miss Shannan 😊