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This morning we discussed caterpillars, specifically hairy caterpillars, as we had found a few out in the big yard this morning. We discussed what the children should do if they find one and what to do if they accidentally touch one. We then followed with a discussion on the importance of washing our hands properly and for 20 seconds. Some of the children said that they are still learning to count to 20, so with the suggestion of Miss Shannan, decided that they would count to 10 two times.

We learnt about the Bunjil in Aboriginal mythology, which is the Australian Eagle. The children decided that they were going to make their own Bunjil. We collected dried leaves from the yard and used sticks to paint the leaves. When they have dried, they will become the feathers in the wings of the Bunjil. The children were very engaged in this experience, each painting multiple leaves/ feathers for the eagle.

At the playdough station, the children worked hard to roll and manipulate the playdough to follow the mats. Ryan and Ella worked hard to give the kangaroos their tails. Harper worked to roll the dough and bend it into the boomerang. Bonnie and Owen worked to make their own Boomerangs also, and Christopher had a try at the Aboriginal symbols. Taran decided to turn her playdough into a pizza, poking lots of wholes on top as the ‘ingredients’.

At ARAKAN the children raced through the course made by Mr Dan and his assistant. They raced from Mr Dan, protecting their heads and punching at the glove, before racing over to his helper to again duck but this time kick at the glove. Emerson loved this part, demonstrating his high kick into the glove. The children enjoyed this variation of ARAKAN, racing each other from station to station.

At our yarning circle this afternoon, the children had an opportunity to discuss any thoughts, feelings or stories with the group. Riley gleamed as he told his friends about his cars and monster trucks at home, ‘They are my favourite to play with, they are really cool!”. Ryan shared some photos from his recent holiday, telling his friends all about his trip, and Bonnie showed her friends her ‘mermaid hair’ and told them all about the paintings and crafts she did on her holiday. Taran expressed her affection for her friends, telling them how loves playing with them all, and that she loves them all very much.

Baugull wanyi (thank you) and Nya-nyah-bu (see you again)

Miss Shannan😊