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Today we began we with a small group, as many of our Kindy friends were at the Oxenford prep event. Once everyone had arrived, we counted 9 Kindergarten two friends: Harper, Emerson, Owen, Luna, Hendrix, Ryan, Ella, Millicent, and Tate.

We decided to combine with Kindergarten One this morning as our numbers across both rooms were quite low. The children were all very happy to spend some extra time together, gathering around the tables for morning tea and talking up a storm. After enjoying a tasty morning tea of coconut chips, syrup, banana and chocolate seed slice, the children dispersed around the room to their chosen activities.

Millicent went straight over to explore the giant domino pieces. “I’m going to make a cubby house” she told Miss Shannan. She soon had created her very own “cubby castle”. She gave her friends a tour of her creation. Walking her hands through the structure, she pointed out the rooms, where the windows were and who lived inside the cubby castle.

Hendrix, Tate, Emerson, Harper, Owen, Ella and Millicent all enjoyed participating in the traffic sign painting experience. After collecting and viewing the different printed signs, we discussed what they said and what each one meant. The children then had the opportunity to paint their own signs. They could paint a duplicate of the printed signs, or they could design their own. The children all spent quite some time at this activity, creating multiple designs and expressing their creativity.

Outside in the yard, Owen and Harper zipped all around while holding small sticks. When asked what they were doing, the replied that they were wizards from Harry Potter. Harper – “I’m Hermine and Owen is Harry Potter”. They waved their wands up high in the air and pointed them quickly at objects in the yard, before racing off again.

During rest time the children enjoyed various individual and small group activities. They selected the marble run, dominos, puzzles, connectors and the dolls house. The played collaboratively together and side by side. Miss Shannan began setting up the Jenga set and asked if anyone would like to play. Luna and Ryan were the first to investigate and helped Miss Shannan finish stacking up the blocks. Soon the whole group had joined in with the game and took turns to pull out a block, careful to not knock over the tower.

I apologise for no photos, the system is having issues with the upload. Also just a reminder to come dressed in yellow to support R U OK DAY tomorrow.

Thank you everyone for a lovely day, see you again tomorrow.

Miss Shannan 😊