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With cold and rainy weather today, we decided to enjoy the warmth of the classroom and set up various activities inside instead. To begin the day, the children assisted in kneading and rolling out some fresh playdough. Once they were all happy with the consistency, they requested the playdough be a rainbow of colours. Millie was busy modelling Elsa’s castle out of the playdough, squishing rolls of playdough to make the stairs and making Anna a long dress. Ivy was very proud of her snowman, walking him around the room to show all her friends “He’s got a really long nose”. Tate was using the clamper to make little balls and building ice creams out of the dough. Riley investigated the changes in the playdough colours by mixing the pink, green and blue play dough together “It looks purple now”.

Hendrix and Ryan were the cubby house construction workers today. Organising the beds to stand in different layouts, they created rooms, tunnels, and roofs to cover themselves and their peers.

We took advantage of a break in the clouds and raced out into the big yard for a quick play. Up in the treehouse Macy and Harper were practicing their hula hooping skills, swinging their hips, legs and arms around. Luna requested a game of the floor is lava. She and her kindy peers, moved about the treehouse completing the many moves of the game, before racing up onto the balancing beam to escape the lava.

In home corner the children’s imagination was displayed as they set up various play spaces. There was a veterinary clinic where they looked after many different animals, and open was the hairdresser salon. Up at the tables the children worked on their number indemnification and counting skills, as they were matching the number puzzles together, identifying the number and then counting the pictures on the cards to find its match.

Also just a reminder, if you could please fill out food preference sheet for your child’s meals this would be greatly appreciated. They are located at the front desk. Thank you.

Thank you for another wonderful day,

Miss Shannan 😊