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Today we celebrated Ivy’s birthday! She brought in a special show and tell today to share with her friends and delicious cupcakes to enjoy for afternoon tea. At afternoon tea, her Kindy two friends all sung her happy birthday and were very appreciative of her cupcakes, even Miss Shannan was offered one, yummy!

Owen and Bonnie were our resident caterpillar detectives today. Searching around the yard for them, they made a big discovery. They counted four caterpillars on one of the plants in our yard. They watched over them and let friends know they were there and to be careful when they came close, “Don’t touch them, just look!”, “We don’t want to hurt them”, “They will soon turn into butterflies!”.

We enjoyed some painting today, Miss Shannan set up many different colours on the table and lots of paper. The children used their creativity and imagination as they painted, often sharing what it was they were painting with their peers. The paintings were very quick to dry and Miss Shannan has already hung them up on display in our room gallery.

Emerson and Hendrix were our ninjas on duty today, defending themselves and their friends from the ‘monsters’ in the yard. They had found a strip of fabric in the room and attempted to make ninja headbands out of them, but when they found they were too short, Miss Shannan suggested they maybe they could make them out of pipe cleaners. Miss Shannan showed them how they could twist them together and make a headband out of them. They soon were out in the yard again saving the day. Armin loved playing with the Octonauts today. He took care in selecting the characters, spacecrafts and submarines that he wanted and then began his play taking them on their own mission throughout the classroom.

Miss Nad’s offered our birthday friend a special choice of birthday themed toys to bring and share in the room with her friends. She selected multiple cakes and the group sat together dishing each other slices of play cake and blowing out candles.

Rosie took Miss Shannan over to the suncatchers on the door and asked to make some more. Miss Shannan had some flower petals on her desk and offered them to be used for the catchers and also the idea of collecting leaves and flowers from the yard. Rosie liked this idea and took a small container outside and began collecting the greenery that she would like to use for the suncatcher. Harper noticed what Rosie had collected and asked to join in as well. Once they had collected enough, Miss Shannan placed scissors and pieces of clear contact on the table for them to use. Harper practiced her cutting skills and fine motor development as she cut up the leaves that she wanted and carefully placed them on the contact. More friends soon joined in and once finished we had many beautiful suncatchers to hang up on our glass door.

Outside this morning, Luna, Macy and Taran enjoyed some chalk drawing on the pavers outside of our room. They turned the circle of pavers into a very colourful, inviting space. Many more of their friends soon gathered around, some just admiring their work and others asking to join in as well.

See you tomorrow!

Miss Shannan ☺️