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This morning we explored our new cultural doll/magnets. Miss Jade sat down the with children, explaining the different people and what countries and cultures they are from; teaching the children the names of people, “This lady is from Russia, can you say Russia?”. The children were all very engaged in this activity, taking turns to play with the dolls how they wanted, Zachary and Christopher worked together to match the dolls to the pictures. Ivy asked Miss Shannan to read her book from home this morning. We found a comfy spot amongst the pillows and read the book together. Harper soon came over and asked to listen as well. While reading Ivy would whisper clues and funny parts of the book that were coming up, Harper would giggle when Miss Shannan would then read the next page and the funny part would really be there.

We only spent a small amount of time outside today since it was raining and very slippery. We took advantage of this time to race around on the bicycles and even cook sand burgers using the resources in the trough. Ella loved this time to ride the bikes, racing up and down the yard and looping around the trough. Macy and Bonnie cooked up a storm, ‘taste testing’ their burgers and clarifying that the burgers were indeed ‘Mmm delicious!”.

Inside, Ryan requested painting and ‘colour mixing’, so Miss Shannan placed various paints on the table, along with brushes and jars of water. The children took this activity in many different directions with some focusing on painting their pictures, others taking time to make new colours using what was there and others dipping in their fingers and mixing the paints on their paper. Taran found that if she tipped her paintbrush the wrong way, she could write and draw things into her painting. Hendrix spent some time today drawing his very own caterpillar cocoon. The children have all had quite an interest in caterpillars and butterflies lately and so we will continue to extend this interest as a group in the coming weeks.

See you tomorrow!

Miss Shannan☺️