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How was our Friday do you ask? Fun, freaky and fabulous!

We got up to quite a lot today in the Kindergarten Two room, from exploring the outdoors to painting, to learning words from the Yugambeh language and dancing our little hearts out on dance floor in Funky Feet – oh what a day!

In group time this morning, Miss Shannan introduced the children to the Acknowledgement to Country using Yugambeh language. First we spoke about who the language belongs to, ‘Yugambeh language group of the Bundjalung nation’ and if the children have said an Acknowledgement to country before. This resulted in the children recounting what they could remember ‘Here is the land, here is the sky, here are my friends, here am I’. Miss Shannan was very proud of them for remembering and reciting it to her. To follow on from this, Miss Shannan explained the Yugambeh words for land, sky, friends and I and the children practiced saying them. We next practiced saying them in the Acknowledgment, with the children very eager to repeat the lines back after Miss Shannan. They all did so very well at picking up the new words, as they can be quite tricky. We are looking forward to practicing this next week and learning even more of the Yugumbeh language together.

If you would like to practice this at home, this is our Acknowledgment to Country with incorporation of the Yugambeh language

Here is the Jargun

Here is the Ngorung

Here are my Jimbelung

And here is Ngaio

We Kindy Two Jajumm wish to Acknowledge the Traditional Custodians and Elders past present and emerging of the Birinburra people who are part of the Yugumbeh Language Group / Bundjalung Nation, on whose land and sea, we respect, live, work and play on.


Upon waking from rest time, the children were offered the opportunity to complete a painting experience. Though rather than using traditional paintbrushes, the brushes were made from sticks and leaves from the yard. There were various different sized brushes for the children to chose from, along with lots of bright colours. This experience was a hoot, so we will be re-planning this activity for the coming week.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, see you next week!

Miss Shannan