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Good Afternoon Kindergarten two families,

Miss Shannon is away today, and Miss Jess had a wonderful time filling in. Upon arrival everyone enjoyed exploring the big yard as they build sandcastles, enjoyed riding the bikes, playing a game of tag and much more. Afterwards it was time to head inside and have group time. Today for group time we had enjoyed some show and tell from Hendrix, Ryan, Riley, Harper, Owen, and Tate. Throughout each child presenting their objects their friends had enjoyed asking some wonderful questions. Afterwards it was time for some morning tea which had filled our tummies ready to explore the yard. Before exploring the yard, we sat down outside to read a story, as we waited for some of our friends to finish their morning tea. The story we all enjoyed was Diary of a Wombat, which Miss Jess then asked some questions to the children to see if they could remember some parts of the book. This is a wonderful chance to allow children to communicate what they had head and understood throughout reading the books, also communicating this to each other. Afterwards we then exploring the yard, which Tate, Riley, Ryan, Hendrix, Christopher, and Owen all had shared the digger trucks and took turns taking the trucks ‘off-roading’. All the boys loved racing the trucks around the yard and in the gardens. Ivy, Millie, and Harper had loved making some treasure map, as they went off into the yard and followed their maps to find the treasure. Once we all enjoyed some time exploring the yard Miss Jess had brought out twister for everyone to enjoy, which they loved. This activity was perfect for children to recognize colour and understand their left and right side of their bodies, before moving onto dance with Miss Jenny.

Dance with Miss Jenny was amazing as we loved shaking, jumping, bobbing, and twirling. Miss Jenny also had shown everyone how to roll correctly which was wonderful for the children’s physical development. It was time for lunch afterwards which everyone had enjoyed.

Miss Jess would like to apologies for no photos being uploaded the system is still down, but there are some on the wall of kindergarten two for everyone  look at.

Miss Jess xoxo