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Happy Monday families and friends…

Today in the Kindergarten Two Room we welcomed our new friend Owen to Riversdale.. We hope you had fun today Owen and started to make some new friends.This morning during Yarn Time the children engaged in conversation as we discussed the days planned experiences.

Today we started our sea animal theme and the children were excited to share their thoughts and ideas on what we could do to learn more about animals that live in the ocean. We shared ‘The Jolly Olly Octopus’ story for group time and the children identified some of their favourite sea creatures including¬† an octopus, shark, lobster, sea lion and eel. The children were given the opportunity to draw their interpretation of their favourite sea animal later in the day using the group time story as inspiration. The children chose to draw on the white boards to express their ideas and creativity. We will continue on with this theme for the rest of the week.

The children also utilised the whiteboards to practice their fine motor drawing and tracing skills using the shapes and alphabet stencils. During transition time today the children worked together to help identify the first letter of their name and then their whole name on the board. The Kindergarten children were then keen to utilise the alphabet magnets to create their own name on the whiteboards during play time. We will continue on with letter and name recognition for the rest of the week.

Other play experiences today included sensory playdough play with the kitchen set, role play with the new homecorner resources, transport play with the emergency stations and construction play with the magnetic set.

Well… enjoy the photos…

Until next time… Love Miss Leesa