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Today we welcomed Owen, Hendrix, Ryan, Macy, Bonnie, Harper, Riley, Millicent and Christopher to Kindy 2. After completing our Acknowledgement to Country and marking the roll Miss Shannan read two stories, “The Emu egg” and “Give me Space”. The first book brought up a great discussion of eggs and the different types of eggs. The children talked about the differences between the emu egg in the book and a chicken egg, comparing their sizes, colours and what would happen if either were to be dropped. Christopher – The chicken egg may have a baby chicken fall out. Hendrix – The emu egg is really big! Millicent – What are they going to use the emu egg for? Are they going to eat it? Owen – That emu mum isn’t going to be happy.

We then separated into groups to complete different activities. Harper, Ryan, Owen and Hendrix set up a dinosaur themed small world on the wooden treehouse. They each took on the role of either a dinosaur or an animal and displayed their previous knowledge of the creatures as they each portrayed its vocals, the way it moved and how it would interact with the other creatures.

Owen, Christopher, Riley and Millicent engaged in the pop and hop counting game with Miss Shannan. They each selected a little character and demonstrated their turn taking patience as they each counted the number of the dice and moved their character around the board. They began to display excellent recall skills as they made connections between the pictures and their memory of their previous counting of the dots. Riley – That one is six. Christopher – I got three. Millicent – One, Two, wait that’s four. Owen – One little jump.

We played a group game of guess who’s missing before heading outside for a play. The children all held their eyes shut without peeking, while one of their friends hid underneath the parachute. They then all opened their eyes and looked around to see who was missing. The children absolutely loved this game, squealing and jumping out from under the parachute when their name was guessed correctly.

Outside the children raced around for funky feet with Miss Jen. They practiced their gross motor gymnastics skills today. Leaping from hula hoop to hula hoop with their feet together, single feet and with giant leaps. They then practiced their limbo skills as they bent over and backwards while the stick was up high and crawled and wiggling under as it got lower to the ground.

Bonnie and Macy were very excited to learn Miss Shannan’s new game. The eagerly ran around the yard to gather their friends to play as well. Once the children had all gathered together, Miss Shannan explained the rules of the game. One of the children was a mouse and another was a cat, the rest of the children became the gates to a safe space. Standing together in a circle holding hands, the children created passageways for the mouse and cat to run through to escape each other. This game became a group favourite with the children all taking turns to play both the cat, the mouse and the gates. They enjoyed playing all three roles and cheered their friends on as the portrayed the different roles.

We said goodbye to our dear Owen today as he embarks on his new journey. The children were all very sad to hear he was going and told him that they would miss him, giving him lots of cuddles. Owen, we already miss you so much. We wish you and your family the very best.

Miss Shannan 😊