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We tried a new counting to 100 gross motor dance today. The children learnt many new and quirky moves, such as spinning the washing, flying like superman, hopping like a bunny and balancing on each leg for 10 seconds.

Inside this morning the children engaged in various activities. They created some Aboriginal symbols using playdough that they helped to make, “It’s still sticky, can we have some more flour?”. Various creatures and objects were created from the craft loose parts, held together with glue and lots of strips of sticky tape. The children also completed the much-loved nail and hammer activity, taking care to hammer the nails down in precise places to build their designs.

The children were very excited to engage in the Surfer Sam show today. We gathered with the children from kindy one, senior kindy and pre-kindy, sitting and eagerly awaiting the show to begin. Surfer Sam taught the children about the importance of the red and yellow flags and what could happen when we don’t use them. We sang sea shanty songs and even practiced our surfing paddling skills.

Upon returning from the show, we decided to go outside for a play. Out in the big yard Emerson rode around on the bikes; Harper, Luna, Rosie and Macy swung together on the swings under the treehouse; Ella and Taran rested together on the big swing; Owen and Hendrix dug many tunnels in the sandpit.

The children absolutely devoured today’s lunch. They went up for seconds and thirds, dishing themselves up big scoops of delicious pasta. When Miss Shannan came back from doing some programming, the children excitedly shouted to her “Try this, Miss Shannan! It’s so yummy!”. She sat down to try some with the children and they all watched intently “Its yummy Miss Shannan, isn’t it!”. And that it was!

Baugull wanyi (thank you) and Nya-nyah-bu (see you again)

Miss Shannan😊