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Hello families and friends…

What a super fun day of learning.and play and making new friends in the Kindergarten Two room today…The children enjoyed exploring their new environment and engaging in many enjoyable experiences. The children kept busy expressing their creativity with texta drawing and water colour painting.  Making animals with the playdough and creating patterns and pictures with the animal and shape tracing stencils. Role play was fun today as some friends kept busy with doll house play and pretending to be doctors and nurses with the doctors kits and baby dolls. Transport play was also popular as the children engaged in play with the emergency stations and worked together to complete the 6 piece transport puzzles. Some friends also worked on the occupation matching and sorting cards. The children have done so well with their transition into their new room and it has been so wonderful observing new bonds and friendships form. Well Done Kindergarten Two Friends!!!

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Ari.